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Felony DUI's

When a DUI can be charged as a Felony

A DUI, charged under Vehicle Code § 23152, can be charged as a felony if it is the 4th DUI within a 10 year period, A DUI can also be charged where the driver was convicted of a previous felony DUI or prior felony gross vehicular manslaughter. A DUI can also be a felony if there was an accident that caused injury. Serious injury is not required. This can mean that if you were involved in an accident the possibility of being charged with a felony is high even if it appeared that no one was hurt.

Felony DUI Consequences

A felony DUI comes with up to 3 years in prison for each charged offense. In some aggravated cases it can be up to 4 years in addition to any enhancements or additional charges. If you are charged with both driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or greater, which is usually the case, then you would be subject to double this term plus any other charges or sentencing enhancements.

Felony DUI DMV Consequences

A felony DUI can also result in license revocation. Unfortunately this means that in addition to revoking a driver’s privilege to drive DUI classes will be required.

Felony consequences are serious and long reaching. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney immediately if you have been charged with a felony DUI.

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